Virtual Solutions

We offer multiple virtual options based on your needs. We recommend you first engage in a Fitness Consultation with our Fitness Director to see which is the best option for you.

DIY Virtual Training

Offered through the Anytime Fitness mobile app, enjoy 1100+ workout plans tailored to your goals and your starting point. Build your own workouts, leverage professionally constructed workouts...the choice is yours!

Free with Anytime Fitness Membership

Virtual Coaching

All the benefits of DIY Virtual Coaching, plus you'll have the guidance of a professional Fitness Coach! Your coach will guide you in your program selection based on your goals, and will meet with you monthly to adjust your program based on your progress. Includes monthly body scans to drive your path with real data.


Virtual Training

Take Virtual Coaching to the next level with Virtual Training! With Virtual Training, your coach will customize a program just for you! Unlimited messaging with your coach will ensure you stay on track!


Premium Virtual Personal Training

One on one, customized personal training delivered by your Fitness Coach via video conferencing. Your coach will be with you for each session, monitoring your form and providing guidance and motivation.

Customized Pricing set in Fitness Consultation

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