The Foundations programs are for beginners or those that have not been engaged in a healthy routine for some time. Foundations will help you build healthy habits and get you moving again, establishing a healthy foundation for you to begin your weight loss journey. The Foundations Programs are month to month programs and can be cancelled at any time with 30 days notice.

Foundations Sleep and Diet

Foundations Training
Foundations Sleep and Diet will help you create a solid foundation for health and wellness by analyzing your sleep and diet habits. We will help you establish healthy sleep and diet habits to give you more energy for your workouts and for life in general!

Includes an accountability group with weekly video call, a weekly individual progress call or video call with your coach, and unlimited messaging within the app.
Foundations Training includes the Foundation Sleep and Diet product and adds a foundational workout program that will help you achieve the functional stability you need to support a healthy lifestyle. We will design the program for you, and you execute it at home or at your gym.