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AF Phoenix Fit operates Anytime Fitness Locations in the Phoenix, Arizona area.  Founded in 2014, we strive to provide our members an inviting, clean, and non-intimidating environment.

We have evolved from a Convenience gym to a Coaching gym.  Every one of our members gets a coach and tools to help you be successful.  We just need you to show up and put in the work!  Our coaches are experienced professionals and will ensure you have a plan that will get you from point A to point B.  

Whatever your fitness story is, we’re here to help you reach your goals.  Come see us today!

Meet Our Team

We’re extremely proud of the team we’ve built.  We have strict guidelines we adhere to in our hiring process, only bringing on those that fit our culture and have our values.  We’re committed to providing you an experience revolved around honesty, integrity, results, and fun.



Brian Mikesell

Brian Mikesell - Owner

Brian is a long-time athlete and sports enthusiast, but his real passion is seeing a plan come together. That translates to successful members and a successful business with great team!

You'll see Brian often at both the Chandler and Scottsdale locations. Don't hesitate to say hi!

Brett Douglas - GM and Fitness Director

Fitness is my life, fitness is my passion, I love servicing my clients in any way I can. Whether you’re training for a bodybuilding show or learning the proper mechanics of a few weight machines, I am committed to your success!

Schedule a Fitness Consultation with me and I guarantee we’ll get you on the right track!

Certified Personal Trainer (ACE, ACSM), Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (NCSA)

Mike Perrozzi

Mike Perrozzi - Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach

Mike specializes in working with the oft-injured population from athletes to the elderly. His no nonsense approach to training makes sure you’re not only staying safe, but also maximizing every minute of your workout. Mike is a Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) practitioner, one of two practicing within 150 miles of the greater Phoenix area. This specialty allows him to patch up those who are experiencing pain due to muscle deficiencies and keep them on the exercise floor.

Emma Baker - Membership Specialist

During her early 20's, Emma achieved her goal of earning her degree in Biology focused in Anatomy and physiology while becoming a certified EMT and Pharmacy Technician. She has a great passion for knowledge and studying the human body and being able to apply that knowledge into everyday life. Emma has a great passion for yoga, nutritional studies, and being able to see and assist others in achieving their fitness goals.

Sarah Hart - Membership Specialist

Sarah is a recent Arizona State University graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences and concentration in Biology & Society. She is an experienced weight loss and weight management consultant who enjoys encouraging others to reach their health and wellness goals. Sarah is from Seattle, Washington and her favorite hobbies include food and fitness!

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