COVID-19 Response

Responding to COVID-19
A Team Effort

We’re taking every precaution to safeguard our members and our staff from COVID-19.  This is a total team effort between our staff and our members.  If we all do our part, we’re keeping our gym environment safe for everyone.

Member Requirements

Members are required to use hand sanitizer upon entry into the gym, maintain 6′ distance from other members and staff, and wipe off used equipment after every use with a disinfectant wipe. If you don’t feel well, please stay home and rest. Masks are not required to be worn by members but are encouraged. 

ABSOLUTELY NO UNAUTHORIZED GUESTS ARE ALLOWED IN THE GYM! No exceptions, no negotiating. Visiting members will be locked out of our location if they bring an unauthorized guest into the gym after hours.

Cleaning Protocol

Our staff will be continuing with our regular daily cleaning regimen, and in addition, we will be adding a commercial cleaning company to do deep cleaning regularly. We will also provide more of the disinfecting cleaners that we normally provide and will require members to wipe down equipment after every use.

Physical Distancing

Equipment has been rearranged or blocked off to maintain a safe distance between each station. We will also be implementing strict policies around physical distancing during training and in general in the gym to ensure everyone’s safety.

Capacity Control

One of the benefits of Anytime Fitness is our ability to manage capacity of the gym. Being a boutique-style gym means we’re never crowded. We will adhere to reduced capacity guidelines and will very rarely have more than 10 members in the gym at one time, and will be suspending guest passes and trials in the near term to reserve room for our members. We will closely monitor usage and make adjustments as needed.

Personal Protective Equipment

All staff will wear personal protective equipment when in the gym. While members will not be required to wear PPE, we strongly recommend it. In addition, our staff uses our touchless thermometer before each shift to ensure we’re within normal temperature range.