About the Program

Fitness with Intention looks at the whole person when devising a fitness plan. We find that most people begin to fall out of good health for one or more of a few very correctable reasons:

  1. They lack the energy to stay fit
  2. They’re not quite sure what to do
  3. They lack motivation and accountability

First, we like to understand why you want to be fit. We call it your “why”. This can be your life purpose, your family….it’s whatever is motivating you to be healthy. We like to get grounded on this because it’s the ultimate motivating factor in you sticking with a healthy regimen.

Next, we look at your sleep habits and data. Do you ever feel tired by 10 a.m.? Are you frequently grumpy, or lack concentration at work? Do you have enough energy to do a workout during the day? This can be due to a lack of sleep. Studies show that a lack of sleep greatly deters your body’s natural restoration capability. If you work out hard and don’t get enough sleep, you’re depriving your body of much needed restoration that will eventually impact your workouts and your health.

Then, we look at your diet. Do you know how many calories you consume each day? Do you know how many you should be consuming? Are you getting the right amount of protein, fat, and carbohydrates each day? This is another area that greatly impacts your ability to reach your fitness goals, and most of us just don’t pay attention to it.

Finally, once we’ve studied and tweaked your three foundational layers (your why, sleep, and diet), we’ll talk about exercise. Your exercise is greatly impacted by your sleep and diet. In fact, we’d say if you don’t have your sleep and diet in check, you’re wasting a lot of time in the gym!

The Data Doesn’t Lie

Fitness With Intention will equip you with the data, tools, and coaching to commit to a healthy lifestyle once and for all!

We use data to drive our analysis and design a plan just for you! Using various trackers including sleep, fitness, and diet, we’ll first get a baseline of your data. Then we’ll work with you to establish achievable goals, and together we’ll devise your plan. We’ll also introduce you to other like-minded clients for maximum accountability. Through regular touchpoints via app messaging, video calls, and group collaboration, you’ll have all of the accountability you need!

What You’ll Need

In order to get the most out of the program, we recommend the following tools and apps:

  • Digital Food Scale
  • FitBit or Apple Watch (FitBit is preferred)
  • Body Composition Scale
  • MyFitnessPal Smartphone App

What’s Next?

We don’t like surprises, and we’re sure you don’t either. We know that programs only work if you have trust in your coach, and we want you to trust us every step of the way, so, transparency is key!

Next, you can either purchase one of our solutions, or go to our Learn More page and ask any questions you have at this time. We’ll walk you through your options and determine the best one for you before you purchase anything!