Why We Fail At Exercise

Author: Brett Douglas

Welcome to this weeks blog post! I’m excited to talk to you about this topic that involves the failure of exercise compliance. We’ve all been there before, that place where we just don’t find motivation to make it to the gym. So why is this? Why sometimes are we ready to make long lasting changes and dedicate ourselves to the gym and there’s other times the gym is the very last place on planet earth we’d like to go? Today I’ll take the time to touch a few reasons behind this.


So whether it’s getting up early to work out or squeezing time after a long day of work, often time the thought of exerting extra energy discourages us from working out. Here’s the truth, working out actually enhances your pulmonary system creating more energy. This feeling takes 2-3 weeks of consistent exercise but it will happen, so in reality the truth of using “I’m tired” doesn’t truthfully hold water. If you are not an early morning person, or after work is too mentally challenging I suggest you take advantage of your lunch break, or split up your session (example: 15 minutes before work, 15 minutes after work). It doesn’t even matter if it’s only a 20 minute workout, it will pay off greatly if performed 3-5 days throughout the week. When choosing a time to workout, choose a time that has the least amount of obstacles that may discourage you from performing the workout as well as a time that you have the most amount of energy during the day.


So there’s nothing wrong with not enjoying pushing iron. I mean it burns bringing your muscles to fatigue, and you may even have functional factors that make working out hurt more than average. My suggestion is don’t try one form and think it’s the end all be all, there are plenty forms of exercising that may fit your lifestyle better. Do you find more motivation in a gym atmosphere or do you feel more comfortable at home? There’s cardio (indoor/outdoor), you could take an Anytime Fitness Small-Group class, there’s workout videos, as well as virtual training that Anytime Fitness provides right through your app on your phone. All these options should be exercised if you find yourself not enjoying fitness, as you navigate through these options I bet you’ll find one that suits you the best.


If you find yourself spending money on fitness solutions and never finishing it to the end I think you may want to evaluate why you joined the program in the first place. It’s highly important to be realistic with yourself when starting a workout regiment. If you are only tracking progress by the scale, that’s a huge mistake. My suggestion is to take measurements (chest, arms, waist, hips, legs) and recheck every 4-5 weeks, this will give you a better understanding of your progress. Another great tactic is to do progress pictures by taking a Front, Side, and Back selfie. Believe it or not, when you feel no change but you see your stats get better it does add a sense of accomplishment which may be all you need. Set small goals to start which can be weekly, biweekly, or monthly and keep your eyes on that.


This is an understandable concern if you have limitations or conditions that may be compromised through improper exercise. I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 12 years and have never seen a condition that would limit someone from meeting exercise requirements. So while you may have some fears that you no longer can workout, I’d first ask your doctor his recommendations and then schedule a session with a personal trainer to review your concerns. Certified personal trainers are educated to work around limitations. If you truly stop working out to protect yourself what you’ll find is more conditions arriving because you are no longer active. Remember your body is made to move, when you stop doing this it enhances your chances of disease.


This is the most common excuse I hear why people stop exercising. When you put in all the effort each day and you don’t see the results your seeking it can be more than frustrating. The amount of clients I’ve trained that have seen 70% of their results between months 3 and 4 of training with me is a lot, and what this tells you is it takes time! I want everyone reading this to understand that 12 weeks is when you should first start gauging your success of your program. Also don’t forget there is so many more benefits of exercising than just physical appearance, exercising prevents 70% of disease, it gives you more energy, it helps with stress and also allows you to give your body the main function if it’s existence, to move! When you stop exercising it’s like parking your 69′ GT Corvette in the garage and never using the baby but once or twice a year. There are so many factors to why your results may not be present, so come visit me and let’s sit down and troubleshoot a few things that may be your the reason behind your lackluster results. I’m confident we can find the right solution!

I appreciate you reading my blog this week and as always I hope you find some meaningful points that you can use. Thanks and we’ll see you next time!

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