Exercise and Disease Prevention

Author: Brett Douglas

Given the current state of America regarding the Covid-19 Pandemic I thought it’d be appropriate to talk about the benefit of exercises and disease prevention. It’s important to understand I am not a doctor and all of my information concerning the topic comes from scholar based sources, not opinion. The only opinion I’ll have is I’m a believer in exercise and a nutrition diet as the best defense to the prevention of 70% of all diseases.

The effects of exercise go far beyond weight management and physical appearance. If you want to live longer, feel more energetic, and remain disease-free you should start with exercise and a well-rounded diet. The most common killer in America is stroke and heart disease. That is the reason why when reading that, you immediately can bring 1 or more people to mind that you know have passed from such mortality. So let’s start with what we can do to fight such a fate.

If you are able to perform 100-150 minutes of low-moderate intense cardio activity a week you will dramatically decrease your chances of heart related diseases. If you currently don’t perform any cardio activities my recommendations is you start with 10-20 minutes per day and slowly build your stamina up to being able to achieve 100-150 minutes per week. This will also lower your cholesterol, and blood pressure which is equally important. Regular activity helps regulate glucose levels which can prevent and even reverse the effects of diabetes.

What you may not know is exercise can even combat cancer chances. The majority of cancers start within our fat cells, by staying active and striving to keep our body fat percentages low, you can decrease your chances of developing cancers such as colon cancer and breast cancer just to name a few.

Way too often you hear of people of the older population falling and breaking bones due to their stumble, this is because as you age your muscle, bones, and joints weaken unless you lift weights which helps keep them functional and healthy. By strengthening your bones, health experts have found it will help you from having osteopenia or osteoporosis and arthritis. It’s not uncommon I hear clients after a month or two of exercising make claims their arthritis symptoms have improved or gone away altogether.

Let’s not forget about the benefits of our mental health when it comes to exercising. Countless studies have shown working out both physical and aerobic exercises on a weekly basis has enormous effects on your learning, thinking, and judgmental skills, making them sharper as you age. Exercising can even lower the chances of getting depression and will even help in getting a night of good sleep. If you suffer from minor or major depression try working out daily, I’m confident you’ll notice your mindset improve which to me is so radical.

It is easy to make exercise a part of your daily routine. It is satisfying to be healthy and active every day to become strong, happy, and disease-free. Keep in mind that a small change can easily make a difference, take it slow and build, your body is made to improve over-time you just first need to start.

Thank you for reading and I hope you’ve learned some beneficial from reading this!

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