Businesses beginning to open. Gyms…not yet.


Today, Governor Ducey gave an update on COVID-19 in Arizona and provided more information on when businesses can begin opening.  Read / watch here.

His essential message is that Arizona is following a data-driven approach to opening businesses that relies on a downward trend of new cases and the capacity of our hospitals to take on new patients.  The good news is that Arizona is trending in the right direction and will begin opening businesses May 11.  The first wave will include barbershops and salons, followed closely by dine-in restaurants.  There is still no plan yet for gyms to reopen, however, Ducey indicated more information would come soon.

So, we can all get our hair back in shape and get fed, then get ready to get back in the gym!  We wish there was more definitive news to give you at this point, but the good news is it appears we’re on a path to get back soon.

In the meantime, I’ve spoken with some of you and it sounds like some are holding steady with their fitness regimen and others are struggling. Know that we are here to help, now or when we reopen.  As members, you all have access to the Anytime Fitness mobile app.  This is a great resource with many fitness programs ready to go for you. This type of fitness app with so many custom-made programs is rare in the industry.  Take advantage of it!

Also available to you is a free virtual fitness consult with Brett Douglas, our Fitness Director.  He can help you transition back into the gym, or if you’re not ready to come back in person just yet, he can help you with an at home program or nutrition guidance.

We miss you all very much and can’t wait to see your smiling faces back in the gym soon!


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