Mindset for Exercise Success

Author: Mike Perrozzi

Hello again Anytime Fitness folks;

Today I am going to touch briefly on the mindset one must achieve in order to have success in the gym. While I will be orienting this more towards fitness, this advice can be applied to any area of life, this requires hard work and habit and routine. Just a quick caveat before you begin reading: there is no simple fix or easy way to do this. If you’re looking for some unearthed truth that will instantaneously make this road easier for you, such a thing does not exist and you should probably adjust your entire attitude towards training if you ever want to be successful with your fitness goals.

I touched on this subject briefly during one of my blogs about the Five Pillars of Strength, in the section labeled consistency. In order to be successful in the gym, like most areas, you have to be consistent. This is all well and good, but how do we become and stay consistent? Isn’t busting your hump day in and day out at the gym strenuous? On top of that, you already have a full time job that drains me and kids to take care of when you get home: there is simply NO TIME.

This is something I hear time and time again, that the biggest hurdle is there is no time to do the things you want to do. This in and of itself is the wrong mindset to have from the get go. You must stop looking at fitness as a hobby or a “want”; it has to become a need. Only then can you begin to establish a routine around this need, like we do around eating, sleeping, and making money.

Think about it: you wouldn’t leave your home in the morning without first putting on clothes or brushing your teeth, would you? These things are necessities (as they should be): begin to look at your health and fitness in the same light. Do not end your day without doing something that brings you towards your fitness goal, whatever it may be. Want a faster mile time? Practice your mile speed to some degree every day. Want a stronger deadlift? Practice your technique and push for heavier weights on this lift most days while completing accessory lifts the other days to compliment it. Want to be in better shape, lose some weight, or something else that’s not as specific? Consort with a trainer on how to get on a well balanced plan to help you get there without overwhelming you.

What if getting to the gym is difficult during my work week? Maximize your time on the weekends or lighter days on the job. Dedicated people don’t find the time, they make the time. We subconsciously do this for every other thing we deem a need in life. Just come to the rationalization that fitness, to some degree, is essential to everyday health and sanity in everyone’s life, just as food and sleep are. Make it a point to recognize that without your daily workout, your day is NOT complete.

But what if I’m just not motivated enough? Getting in the car and listening to music to pump you up or lift your spirits may do the trick for you. Motivation and grit is not something that someone can hand you or help you achieve: it must come from within. But getting yourself in the right mindset to at least get inside the gym is the first step. Hiring a pro that takes the guesswork out of what you’re doing that day certainly helps, but it must be you that takes the initiative to show up and enlist their aid.

This is not easy, by any stretch of the imagination, but it will be worth it. And as someone who is a lifelong gym enthusiast, when you start seeing even just the smallest changes in your body and the weight on the bar going up (or whatever benchmark you are using to measure progress), the motivation will continue to roll in. It almost becomes addictive, and then you won’t need motivation: it will become just as automated as putting on that pair of pants or that toothbrush in your mouth. And you will become a much better person because of it.

Tune in the following week for more workout videos!

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