Everyday Stretches and Movements for Optimum Mobility

Author: Mike Perrozzi

Hello faithful Anytime Fitness patrons! Today, I am going to discuss a series of mobility drills that you can (and should) perform on a daily basis to increase athleticism and improve overall health. Athleticism does not refer to your ability to be skilled in a specific sport in this case, but rather your body’s ability to move freely and pain free. Here are five at home drills that can be done in under ten minutes, even with short breaks in between:

1) Deep bodyweight squat

This simple daily movement is probably the most effective on this list, which is why I am listing it first. The only action required to do it is squatting down as low as you can and holding it for thirty solid seconds. That’s it. Don’t let the simplicity fool you though: these thirty seconds will go by very slowly until you get accustomed to it. However, by keeping your heels on the ground and relaxing your legs on top of your calves, you will increase your hip and ankle mobility, along with building endurance in your lower extremities.

2) Frog pump

Lie down on your back and place your feet/heels together in a “butterfly stretch” position. Your knees should be bent with both legs flopped out to the sides; from this position, all you need to do is lift your hips/butt off of the floor while pushing the soles of your feet together. This should create a ton of tension in your glutes and a stretch in your inner thighs, making this movement both a great glute activator and adductor relaxant. Twenty of these daily with three second pauses at the top should suffice 

3) Dead bug

Remain lying down on your back with your knees bent and feet lifted up in a “table top” position (legs parallel to the ground) and your arms outstretched to the ceiling. Flatten your low back into the ground and keep it there; this should create tension in your lower abdominal muscles. Maintain this posture as you extend one leg close to the ground and lift the opposite arm overhead. Pause and inhale before exhaling and bringing both your arm and leg to their original position, then repeat with the opposite arm and leg. Do this for six to ten repetitions on each side for a great ab activator and low back strengthener.

4) Crucifixion stretch

Standing as tall as you possibly can, back straight and chest pointed up towards the air, bring your arms straight out to your sides and slowly turn your palms up towards the ceiling as if your trying to point your thumbs down to the ground behind you. You should continue to try and point your chest upwards even further as you do this, squeezing your shoulder blades together behind you in the process. If you do this five seconds at a time over a course of thirty seconds, the result is a great pectoral stretch and a postural realignment that will make your midback feeling all sorts of goodness.

5) Modified downward dog

Stand arms length away from a wall and place your palms on the wall. Basically you are going to push your hips back like you would when doing a regular downward dog pose in yoga, only you will be walking your hands down the wall in front of you to get deeper in the stretch. This variation allows for people with limited ankle mobility and stamina in their shoulders to achieve this pose and reap most of the same benefits. Do this one for as long as you want to feel the stretch.

Keep at these daily for the next few months in quarantine and you will be feeling more nimble with each day. Keep tuning in for more at home advice and remedies!

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