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Author: Mike Perrozzi

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Today I am going to talk to you about a question I get asked all of the time: what supplements should I be taking? There are a lot of different ones out on the market and various brands that produce them, and while each may have its own benefits associated with it, I am here to give you four essential ones that everyone should be taking regardless of whether or not they decide to participate in strength training. You can choose whichever brand you like, however some brands do have better formulas than others, so always check the first few ingredients used (these are what most of the pill is comprised of). Here is your list:

Fish Oil: Recently, fish oil has taken a back seat to glucosamine chondroitin (GC) for joint stiffness relief and health, and this is a huge mistake. Our bodies are unable to absorb GC in pill form like they are able to with the water soluble liquid gels that fish oil commonly comes in. Not only that, GC lacks the benefits for your skin, eyes, and healthy Omega-3s that fish oil provides. This is a definite must if you plan on keeping your joints lubricated during tough workouts or even extended periods of walking. Just be sure to take it at night so your body can absorb its nutrients maximally.

Zinc Magnesium: This one reaches out to all of my male readers out there that may or may not suffer from low testosterone, however female lifters can reap the benefits of this supplement as well. While a solid workout sessions may spike T levels (the feeling like you can take on the world backed by endorphins to put you on cloud nine), the effect is only temporary and your T levels actually decrease over the course of an extended lifting career. This is due to a significant drop in these two elements in our bodies when we break them down from exercise. Restoring them by taking the supplement before bed will keep this very common problem at bay.

Curcumin: This orange powder commonly found in Indian and Thai cuisine may be the answer to Western civilizations over reliance on drugs such as Tylenol and Motrin. Acting as a natural anti inflammatory, the spice assists in ridding our bodies of the soreness typically associated with a grueling workout (or just doing something physical your body is unaccustomed to) without upsetting the natural inflammation process your body uses to heal. Think of a pimple; it must inflame and swell in order to go through the healing process and get better, and our body is no different. The aforementioned drugs robs the body of this process by interfering with it. Take this supplement daily with as much dosage as you need (2-4 pills is usually enough).

Protein powder: I think this one goes without saying, which is why I am mentioning it last, but that doesn’t diminish its importance. Your body builds muscle primarily with protein, and there is no such thing as too much (the kidney failure studies were skewed and largely disproven). So of course it couldn’t help to have an extra serving of fast acting protein delivered to your muscles when they need it the most. Take this either before or during the beginning portion of your workout, or 30-60 minutes after you are finished (you do not need to slam it down as soon as you complete your last set).

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