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This post is a copy of an email sent 3/21 with membership options and resources while we are temporarily closed.

These are unprecedented times.  There is a lot of fear, information, and some misinformation out there.  The best thing we can all do is listen to public authorities and experts and continue to implement social distancing measures at this time.  

That said, it’s so important that we all keep moving!  In this post, which will be a long one, we will be covering the following:  

– A general update on the clubs (both Chandler and Scottsdale)
– Guidance on your membership and personal training agreements
– Resources to help keep you moving and engaged in your fitness regimen
– Other ways to stay engaged  

Before I dive into the other updates I want to say how thankful we are for the outpouring of support we’ve received from our members!  Everyone is going through difficult times right now, and you’ve been very supportive of us while we navigate through this.  Thank you so much for that!  Our community is what makes Anytime Fitness a great place to stay fit!    

1) General Update
As you all know, we closed our doors Friday, March 20th for an unspecified amount of time.  We will comply with all mandates from local, state, and federal government.  What we’re expecting is regular updates from each entity that will guide our timeline to reopen.  We will continue to update you regularly as we hear more.  We’re taking this time to work on some maintenance and club improvement items.   We are greatly enhancing our website (this one 😉 to bring you, our members, many virtual offerings. 

2) Membership and Personal Training Agreement Guidance
Many of you have reached out and offered your support for us to keep your membership unchanged at this time.  We GREATLY appreciate that, and will find ways to compensate you going forward. We realize some of you are financially able to do this, others may not be and may be getting hit as much as we are right now.  So, we have some options with some guidance for you.  

First, any membership agreements that carry the Club Enhancement Fee, it was scheduled to hit 4/1. We are moving that to 6/1.  

If you are on an insurance-based membership (e.g. Silver Sneakers), your membership will remain unchanged.  

For those of you in regular installment memberships or personal training agreements, your options for these agreements are essentially to Continue, Freeze, or in some cases Cancel.  

If you are in an agreement that is open-ended (i.e. you’ve fulfilled your original contract term and are month to month), we’re asking that you continue with your regular payments and leverage online resources that we will be providing this week. If you can’t manage the payments, please see the freeze or cancel items below.

If you are in a contract that has not been fulfilled, we’re asking that you either continue with regular payments and utilize virtual offerings, or utilize a Freeze.  Your agreement is not eligible for a cancellation at this time.

Freeze – if a freeze is available to you based on the above guidelines, you can…
1) Freeze time on your contract. This will result in continued billing and free time added to the end of your contract.
2) Freeze billing and time. This will result in frozen billing and your contract and billing will extend by the length of time that you’re frozen

Cancel – If you need to cancel at this time, we understand.  

The options are the same for membership and personal training agreements.   Please reply to this email with any questions.    

3) Resources to help keep you moving and engaged in your fitness regimen
We have resources ready now to help you stay active in your fitness regimen, and others that we’re developing this week.  

Resources Available Now
Anytime Fitness Mobile App and Workouts App – These resources are available to all members exclusively.  If you don’t already have this app, please download it from the App Store or Google Play store. We will be posting some guidance on how to download and configure these apps this week.  
Virtual Fitness Consultations – we will be doing fitness consultations via Zoom video conferencing.  We recommend you download the Zoom app on your smart phone or go to the Zoom website and create a free account. 
Virtual Group Workouts – we will be hosting Virtual Watch Parties on our Scottsdale Facebook page starting tomorrow, March 23rd!  If you haven’t liked our Scottsdale page, please do so!  Chandler members, we’re asking you to like the Scottsdale page as well!  These workouts will take place every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 5:30 am, 10 am, and 6:30 pm.  They will eventually move to a “members only area” on our custom website in the weeks to come.  The workouts are designed as at home workouts to tone, shape, and energize your body with an emphasis on mobility, balance, and functional strength.  They are good for all ages!

Virtual Training through the AF App – with this offering, one of our fitness coaches will design custom workouts just for you, delivered via the Anytime Fitness Mobile App.  This offering also includes regular check ins with your coach via Zoom.

Virtual Training via Zoom – this is essentially 1 on 1 personal training delivered via Zoom video conferencing. As mentioned earlier, we are working on updates to this website that will give you access to member exclusive content including blogs, workouts, nutrition tips, and more.    

4) Other Ways to Stay Engaged
We’re here in any way to help you stay engaged, but that shouldn’t keep you from engaging with each other for virtual workout groups and to stay socially connected while having physical separation.  We’re happy to help you get connected with “workout groups” if you’d like to help each other stay engaged.  

Stay connected to our FaceBook and Instagram pages!  We’ll be posting regular content, and when the website is ready, we’ll be posting members’ only content there as well.

Again, we can’t express enough how grateful we are for all of you!  Be safe, and stay moving!  We hope to see you all very soon!  

In gratitude,  


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