There’s no shortage of fitness experts and coaches today. Many of them can likely get you results. But will they be long lasting results?

At Fitness With Intention, we see a few common obstacles that keep people from getting and staying fit….they’re not sure where to start, they lack the energy to exercise, they don’t have time, or they just don’t stick with it. Fitness doesn’t have to be difficult, and we’ve mapped out a framework that will help anyone succeed!

To us, “Intention” has two meanings:

First, know why you want to be fit. What’s your intention? Is it your family? Your purpose? Get clear about it and ground to it. This is why you want to be here a long time and be productive.

Second, be intentional about your fitness. Know the little things that you need to do to be fit. How do you increase your energy to be more active? Are you getting enough sleep? Are you eating too much? Too little? Are you getting the right nutrients?

Fitness With Intention will give you a game plan and the support you need to be successful!

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